Entrepreneurship Institute Malaysia’s
Corporate & Executive Training Programmes

The Institute offers a variety of corporate & executive training programmes that will lift your team to the next level, thinking about the workplace in a new light. Your best resources are your human resources, “Change your mind, change your future”. Please find below the list of programmes that we offer. If you need any specialty training programmes, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants for a tailor-made programme.

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Assertive Skills for Managers
Program Code: 1-1000-01

Be a Competent Workplace Trainer
Program Code: 1-1000-02

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Skills 
Program Code: 1-1000-03

Developing Team Leadership Skills
Program Code: 1-1000-04

Emotional Intelligence At Work
Program Code: 1-1000-05

Ethics and Social Responsibility
Program Code: 1-1000-06

Facilitation Workshop
Program Code: 1-1000-07

Group Dynamics
Program Code: 1-1000-08

Handling & Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace
Program Code: 1-1000-09

How to Build and Lead a Team
Program Code: 1-1000-10

How to Make the Most of Your Time
Program Code: 1-1000-11

How to Speak with Confidence, Purpose & Impact
Program Code: 1-1000-12

How to Understand Yourself and Others
Program Code: 1-1000-13

Human Relation Skills – A Practical Approach
Program Code: 1-1000-14

Improving Employee Performance: Correcting, Coaching & Counselling
Program Code: 1-1000-15

Management and Teamwork
Program Code: 1-1000-16

Management Skills for Newly Appointed Managers
Program Code: 1-1000-17

Managing Performance Through Leadership
Program Code: 1-1000-18

How to Make a Powerful & Persuasive Selling Presentation
Program Code: 1-1000-19

Supervisor’s Boot Camp
Program Code: 1-1000-20

The Team-Building Workshop
Program Code: 1-1000-21

Young Executive Special (YES) Programme
Program Code: 1-1000-22

Advanced Selling Skills
Program Code: 1-1000-23

Coaching & Counselling Skills
Program Code: 1-1000-27

Supply Chain Management – For Global Competitiveness
Program Code: 2-1000-01

Lean Manufacturing Breakthrough Techniques
Program Code: 2-1000-02

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Program Code: 2-1000-03

Productivity Improvement Through Work Study
Program Code: 2-1000-04

Project Management and Control
Program Code: 4-1000-01

Logistics and Materials Management
Program Code: 4-1000-02

Fundamentals of Strategic Management
Program Code: 4-1000-03

Fundamentals of Production & Operations Management
Program Code: 4-1000-04

Marketing Management
Program Code: 4-1000-05

Time Management
Program Code: 5-1000-01

Positive Work Attitude
Program Code: 5-1000-02

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Program Code: 5-1000-03

Managerial Finance for Non Finance Manager
Program Code: 6-1000-01

Towards Successful Entrepreneurship With Emphasis on Financial Planning
Program Code: 6-1000-02

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