Entrepreneurship InstituteMalaysia (EIM)
Entrepreneurship Institute International (EII)

Entrepreneurship Institute Malaysia (EIM), incorporating Entrepreneurship Institute International (EII), is a Professional Development Institution established to provide professional pathway, professional awards & membership for entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs globally and to assist entrepreneurs in the development of an entrepreneurial management mindset that recognises their inherent strengths and builds new management capabilities for success in a world of ever increasing complexity and uncertainty.

EIM & EII also offers Professional Diplomas & Professional Advanced Diplomas, Professional/Executive Bachelor Degrees, Professional & Executive MBA and Professional Doctoral programmes including coaching and training programmes for young entrepreneurs who seek a better understanding of entrepreneurial business practices and for the more experienced entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs who want to learn and improve their ability to manage entrepreneurial ventures and new corporate start-ups.

EIM & EII  also offers professional programmes such as Professional Diplomas, Professional Bachelor Degrees and the Professional / Executive Master of Business Administration specialising in Entrepreneurial Management or commonly known as the Entrepreneurial MBA programme.



EIM’s Vision…

Our vision is to recognise Human Capital as an Entrepreneurial Community, being innovative and competitive, constantly moving its training and coaching agenda in tandem with the Professional Development Incorporated concept.


EIM’s Mission…

Our commitment is to reach out to all fellow global citizens, who aspire to improve their life, for knowledge, self or career advancement, irrespective of their current educational background and, or capabilities, to earn their due recognition as Entrepreneurs.


EIM’s Objectives…

We strive to promote and provide quality lifelong professional development opportunities, through a continuous professional education and training road map, yet flexible to meet the diverse strata of the global human capital.