Duration: 3 Days


Everyone has innate abilities, which are often not exploited or under exploited. The person himself is usually not aware of his hidden abilities and potential. This program therefore will try to help participants realize their potential. Regardless of the individual’s level of performance at present, there is always room for enhancement.


  • Realize that they are actually capable of achieving much more than they think
  • Realize their limitations and improve on them
  • Look at the positive side of people and events
  • Accept the fact that certain people and circumstances cannot be changed
  • Work as team members
  • Work as efficient as possible
  • Be more confident of their abilities
  • Keep themselves mentally, emotionally and physically firm

Interactive approach employing mini lectures, group discussions, individual and group work.

Programme Contents

Unit 1 : Your role in the organization
Why you have chosen their current job
Why have you been chosen by the organization 

Unit 2 : Why your productivity can go down after sometime
Why jobs do not get done

Why people can get de-motivated 

Unit 3 : Understanding your strengths and weaknesses

How belief and habits control behaviour
How beliefs conditioned or programmed us
Capitalizing on the tremendous potential your minds have 

Unit 4 : Stress and its implications
Impact of stress on your ability to concentrate and to be effective on your job
Stress as source of energy to enhance your performance 

Unit 5 : Getting the most out of people
What makes people perform
Why different people react differently to actions of others
Our inner force that drive expectations and desires and what happen if they are not met

Our desire to have our needs to be fulfilled 

Unit 6 : Effective Communication

Understanding others
Making others understand us 

Unit 7 : Understanding your organization’s needs
Understanding your organization’s mission
Are you a team member
Are you efficient and effective enough to fulfill your organization’s need 

Unit 8 : Maintaining emotional and physical fitness at workplace
Emotional fitness is derived from a stable relationship at home

Physical fitness is sustained by maintaining a cardiovascular fitness program 

Unit 9 : How to enhance self and get motivated

Understand your potential
The organization’s vision and mission
Paradigm change – shifting the way you look at people and problems
Think positive – treat problem as challenges
The concept of “working to be paid at the end of the month” vs “enhancing self-career”
Accepting the environment – live with things that cannot be changed
Fulfilling the needs of the boss, colleagues and subordinates
Be a team player – prepare to help and to be helped
Maintaining a reasonable level of fitness

Developing a good support system – at home and at work 

Unit 10 : Self-management

Understand the pyramid approach to time management
Sharpen your concentration skills
Dealing with the paper crisis
Make effective use of workplace
Identify and handle personality conflict in your workplace
Mental efficiency
Dealing with work pressure and deadlines
Handling the unexpected


Program Code: 1-1000-22