A supervisor needs to solve problems and make the right decisions in order to achieve results. The supervisor often has to solve problems with the team and is often disappointed with the poor quality and number of ideas developed. This workshop looks at not only a well tested practical and enjoyable problem solving process, but also at the interpersonal aspects of people solving and decision making.


  • Improve Decision Making Skills and Problem Solving
  • Analyse Problem Situations and Implement The Most Appropriate Decision
  • Use Creative Problem Solving and Decisional Processes
  • Identify Interpersonal Skills Required for Effective Team Problem Solving


All participants will be assisted to select job related problems for study during the workshop. The frequent problem solving exercises are based on real problems, role plays and case studies. Hence, the course will be extensive handout materials supported by visual aids. The aim is to enable participants through activities undertaken, practice better as problem solvers and decision makers. There will also be videos to emphasise key learning point.

Seminar Outline:
This seminar includes discussions and illustrations. The topic will include the following:-


  • Characteristics of Problems
  • Mental Re-Orientation
  • Decisions and Problems
  • How Meetings Help Solve Problems
  • Decision Grid
  • Techniques to Complement Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Creative Problem Solving Techniques Such as Force Field Analysis & Brain Storming
  • Implementing Decisions and Action Planning Steps
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving Activities where Participants Map Out Key
  • Current Problem for Action Back at Work
  • Acton Plans for Personal Improvement
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Algorithms
  • Preventive Actions
  • Cause and Effect Analysis

Program Code: 1-1000-03