Increase your performance and awareness in the area of team leadership through concepts, theories and methods of managing and developing a team in the organization.

Program Outline:
This workshop is skill-based and highly participative. There will be short presentations, exercises and role plays.

  • Structure of an Effective Team
    – Mechanism of synergy
    – Risk taking behaviour
    – Desert survival exercise


    Motivation in the Team
    – Herzberg’s theory
    – Turning theory into practise
    – Perceiving and changing attitudes
    – Personal motivation
    – Motivational needs of team members


    Principles of Motivation
    – Maintenance and enhancement of self-esteem
    – Reinforcement techniques to shape behaviour
    – Listening techniques
    – Setting goals and achieving objectives
    – Reinforcing team communication channels
    – Incentives


    Principles of Motivation
    Understanding some intrapersonal and interpersonal principles that underlie human
    behaviour (failure and improvement)


    Managing Conflict in the Team
    – The joint decision process
    – Identifying and understanding conflict
    – Strategies for harnessing conflict


    Team Roles
    – The Belbin questionnaire
    – Understanding why teams are successful
    – Overcoming barriers
    – Developing a pattern of behaviour


    Strengthening the Team
    – The building blocks questionnaire
    – Joint problem solving
    – Creating trust
    – Reinforcing relationship


    Managing Change
    – Handling reaction to change
    – The five stages of concern
    – The change management model
    – Periodic self-evaluation


    Overcoming Limitations to Team Development
    – Realistic expectations
    – Appropriate training
    – Organistion
    – Setting personal action plans

Program Code: 1-1000-16