An organisation’s most important resource is its people. The effectiveness of an organization depends on the effectiveness of its employees.

A major requirement of today’s manager is the ability to encourage his subordinates to perform at peak levels. As such, skills in correcting, coaching and counseling are invaluable to managers, their companies and their employees.

This workshop helps you:

• Identify job performance problems early
• Acquire knowledge and ability in intervention skills and strategies
• Deal with performance failure

Program Outline:
This workshop is skill-based and highly participative. There will be short presentations, exercises and role plays.


  • Correcting, coaching and counselling
    Knowing the differences in each and select the appropriate interventions strategies
  • Relationships
    Developing the relationship between you and your employees so that they will welcome your interventions and cooperate with you in improving their performance
  • Autonomy
    Engaging the employee in becoming more responsible, self-motivated and self-reliant
  • Principle and Theories
    Understanding some intrapersonal and interpersonal principles that underlie human behaviour (failure and improvement)
  • Intervention Skills
    Understanding and practicing specific skills (listening, questioning, positive and corrective feedback, problem solving, paradox, etc.)
  • Performance Failure
    What to do when your employees can’t or won’t improve his performance

Program Code: 1-1000-15