Duration: 1 Day

All levels of participants who wish to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness through time management.


At the end of this program, participants would be able to :-

• Understand the effects of poor time management
• Identify time wasters and how to overcome them
• Map out plans to maximize personal effectiveness
• Learn basic approaches to delegationBenefits
– Participants will be able to apply essential skills in increasing productivity and lowering costs
-Participants will learn to set individual and departmental goals in-sync with organization’s objectives.

Lectures, discussions, practical exercises, case studies, team competition

The key topics will include the following:-

  • The benefits of effective time management
  • Time wasters vs Time Savers
  • Understanding your habits (self-assessment)
  • Set and prioritize your goals
  • Proactive vs Reactive Approach
  • Utilize the Time Management Matrix
  • Beat Perfectionism
  • Fight Procrastination
  • Work stress and time management
  • Essential planning and organizing tools
  • Hold effective meetings
  • Eliminate non-value added activities
  • Differentiate urgent and important activities
  • What and how to delegate
  • Scheduling on a daily basis
  • Freeing yourself from over commitment
  • Achieving quality life through good time management


Program Code: 5-1000-01