No one sets out to be negative. However, during times of change and turmoil, negativity subtly creeps into the office – sabotaging you, your productivity and your team’s effectives.

Identify and control the effect of negativity in your organization and replace it with a more positive and productive attitude.

Learn to:

  • Identify predicators of negativity and where they come from
  • Use strategies to overcome negative behaviour
  • Overcome common pitfalls of negativity in the workplace
  • Increase individual choice in reacting to different situations
  • Handle conflict scenarios
  • Develop an action plan for applying programme insights back on the job

Lectures, Exercises, Role Play

Program Outline:

  • What is Negativity
    Identifying the commonality between work and life goals
    Where does negativity come from and how does it affect you.
    Developing and identifying negativity from organization and individual
    Developing a grievance handling procedure
  • Dealing with negativity between individualsĀ 
    When does it appear in the office environment
    How to recognize and overcome it
    Coping with the negativity at work at work
    Practising the steps to defusing negativity reactions
    How does personality type affect your behaviour
  • What to do when negativity is entrenched in the personality and culture of theĀ organisation
    Managing organizational negaholism
    Recognising the positive traits in all of us
    What to do when conflict strikes
    The Thomas Kilmann instrument
  • Counseling for Results
    Introducing the Hot Stove Rule
    Drawing the parameters
    Providing help
    Setting goals together
    Commitment from both parties
  • Action Plan and Follow Up

Program Code: 1-1000-09