“One For All, All for One” is a mentality for interaction and collaboration which benefits the entire workforce. Effective teams which speak the same language will generate the highest productivity and be able to deal with change in a proactive way

Course Objectives
At the end of the course, participants will be able to
• Improve relationship skills to interact constructively
• Understand the importance of teamwork
• Increase confidence through collective commitment
• Understand the process of negotiation

Course Content

Building Relations
• Exercise to disclose one’s personal style in interpersonal skills.
• Identification and recognition of the strengths of others.

Teamwork – Working Effectively as a Team
• Negotiation and seeking consensus
• How do we ensure that all the team members are motivated at the same time for the
same decision

From Image to Positive Behavior
• What dictates our personal behavior and how do we influence other group members.
• Understand personal strengths and weaknesses.
• Awareness of personal development and growth and turning it into an attitude to
enhance lifestyle
• Concrete logging of results.

Managing Conflicts
• The history behind a conflict which forces an action, resulting in an unpleasant
perception from avoiding conflicts to selecting the right strategy for resolution.
• The importance of core values in avoiding conflicts.

Negotiation is Appropriate
• Identify the benefits of an effective negotiation

Teambuilding and Team Leadership
• Issues of management style, trust, support and conflict.
• Analysis of leadership and the evolution of a leader.
• Development of action plan.

The Negotiation Efficiency
• Concrete methods which facilitate preparation, discussion and negotiation.
• Identify organizational and individual self-interest in resolving conflicts.
• Develop the pillars on which the negotiating process is based.

Team Quality
• Identify the relevant skills of an effective team member.
• Personal performance within the team in order to create the holographic team.

Uniqueness of Program
• Personal example behavior is reinforced.
• Laws of the Iceberg Theory is introduced to provide a profound understanding on how
we influence others and how we are influenced by others.
• Behavioral Scale Assessment and Position Scale Analysis.
• Self Behavioral Evolution is discussed in depth.
• Understanding, exercising and role-playing the T concept and Matrix Analysis to attain a
WIN-WIN situation in every negotiation.

Program Code: 1-1000-08