Somebody out there will always be selling cheaper than you can. Competition is a fact of life. But selling on price is always a losing situation- and it takes no skill. This workshop is specifically designed for Sales Representatives and Account Executives, and anyone who has to sell to existing clients as well as find new ones. It shows you how you can dramatically increase your sales by getting “in-synch” with the way your customers think and buy. It offers fresh solutions to age-old problems. In this powerful no-nonsense two day program you will gain the knowledge, skills and techniques of how to get into your customer’s mind and adapt your selling style to suit the way they want to buy.


  • How most buyers buy, and how most sales people sell and discover that the way most sales people sell is not necessarily the best way to sell
  • How understanding human nature better can increase your sales figures dramatically
  • How using logic is the weakest thing you can use to try and persuade someone to your point of view
  • How to recognise and apply the 5 psychological stages of persuasion in your sales presentations
  • How to build into your sales presentations the 6 Major Buying Motivators
  • How to understand the 4 Dominant Buying Styles
  • How to recognise and appeal to the specific Buying Motivator for each Buying Style
  • How to recognise a customer’s buying style within two minutes of meeting him or her
  • How to establish a customer’s specific Buying Motivator within three minutes of meeting him or her
  • How to adapt to a customer’s buying style and get ‘in synch’ with the way they are thinking.
  • How to apply the ‘Consultant Approach’ to your selling methods
  • How to use conversational questions to get the information you need without sounding like a lawyer
  • How to get answers to the 5 questions that are vital before you even think about closing
  • How to use 5 different diplomatic ways to handle resistance or objections
  • How to use 8 different strategies when about price and discounts
  • How to use any of 5 different ways to smoothly close the sale
  • How to use the ’16 Point Sales Call Preparer’ to help guarantee your success before you call on that next new big customer


  • How people only ever essentially buy two things, yet most salespeople are not awae of what they are.
  • The 12 ‘Knows’ of Selling.
  • Why appealing to logic does not make sales.
  • Why selling is more about opening than closing.
  • How customers don’t buy – they choose.
  • How to sell on value – not on price.
  • Why you turn some people on – and others off.
  • Why people buy from the people they do.
  • How to see and hear yourself as your customers see and hear you.
  • How to create instant trust and rapport.
  • How to get inside your customer’s head and sell from his or her point of view.
  • How to adapt your selling style to the way your customer wants to buy.
  • How getting ‘in synch’ with the way your customer thinks can increase your present sales results by as much as
    % 40.

This program shows you how to increase your sales figures by increasing your knowledge and skills – the results translate directly to the bottom line.

Program Code: 1-1000-27